Sunday, 28 February 2010


Johnno has sent me some pics of his new record shop - I can see that he's got some really good stuff, reasonably priced too, I'd love to get in there and have a root through the boxes! I just wish we lived nearer to Hull...
While I think about it - let's have a mention for the Hull Soul Club too! Plenty there to interest soul fans...

Monday, 22 February 2010

Yet another fix for a vinyl junkee!

More good news today - had an email from purveyor of fabulous music to OKay fm - thaaaat's Johnno! Johnno has opened a new record shop in Hull and it's called....JOHNNO'S SOUL KITCHEN. The vinyl specialist is located in the Newland Arcade, 1-39 Sharp Street, off Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 2AF. Telephone numbers: 01482 575407 and 07851 439720. Rare and collectable items on sale include: FUNK, SOUL, JAZZ, RAP, SKA, 2 TONE, R&B, GOSPEL, TAMLA, REGGAE, NORTHERN SOUL, DANCE. With tons of new and used vinyl 45s, 12 inch and LPs with some low price items, this new store is well worth a visit. I tell you what: I just love being involved in this whole fabulous music, vinyl, soul, music, radio thing - and I'm an old git!! Well, not that old! Thank heavens for the internet that's what I say - definitely the future for music and the radio. One of our on-air team is here with me; a quick word from our 6pm to midnight soul sister, Pam: - 'Hope you're enjoying the funky, get down on it, soul and jazz numbers that we're playing daily for you. They really get under your skin don't they? Keep on listening there's something for everyone, if you're new to the station some of the records you may not have heard before but they grow on you like moss and you can't get them out of your head'. Well alright! That's what I say...

Friday, 12 February 2010

A good day today - the petticoat government decreed that I could accompany her to our local town, Rugeley, or as I like to say - Rugethley; I like to give it a bit of Welsh (my lovely son-in-law is Welsh, also I have to pay homage to the vinyl junkee paradise of Cob Records, Porthmadog). Anyway, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to check out our new local vinyl emporium THOSE OLD RECORDS while she attended to the extremely important business of selecting food and drink for the weekend!

What a brilliant experience this was - not only did I have the opportunity to meet Chris, the proprietor and a committed vinyl junkee with not a seedy in sight, but I managed to obtain a Marvin Gaye album with a track I've been after for ages, (soon to be heard on my Okay fm show). This track - also done by the Artistics (I'll let you guess the title) is so rare that I had almost given up on getting it on any format preferably not seedy. Seven delicious vinyl albums in all, mint condition and very reasonably priced were purchased from Chris. Thank you Chris, I look forward to seeing you again very soon.